Best Forex Trading Time in Kenya

forex trading sessions in kenyan time

Are you looking to make some extra money trading forex in Kenya? If so, then you need to know when the best time to trade forex in Kenya is. In this blog post, we will talk about the different times of day that are best for trading forex in Kenya, as well as when you should avoid trading altogether. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the Best Time to Trade Forex in Kenya?

The best time to trade forex in Kenya is from 11 AM to 5 PM

The best time to trade forex in Kenya is from 11 AM to 8 PM Kenyan time because during these hours the London and New York sessions are active and overlap with each other from 4 to 8 PM. This makes the forex market most liquid, which leads to lower spreads (trading fees).

More than 50% of all daily trading activity happens during the London and New York trading sessions, which makes these two sessions the best time to trade for most retail forex traders.

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Forex Trading Sessions in Kenyan Time

The forex market is divided into 4 major centers. It’s these centers that give rise to forex trading sessions, and it’s them that make the forex market a 24 hours market. The 4 main forex trading centers are as follows:

  • Sydney Trading Session
  • Tokyo/Asian Trading Session
  • London Trading Session
  • New York Trading Session

Make sure to read our guide about the Forex Trading Sessions in Kenyan Time for more details.

You should avoid trading when only one session is open; instead, wait for at least 2 sessions to overlap. When two major trading sessions are open, the number of players participating in trading significantly increases. This in turn leads to high liquidity and reduced trading fees.

After the weekend break, the Sydney trading session is the first to open. It opens on Monday at 1:00 AM Kenyan time. It’s closely followed by the Asian Session, which opens at 3:00 AM Kenyan time.

The 2 sessions (Asian and Sydney) have a time overlap of 7 hours (between 3:00 AM and 9:00 AM Kenyan time). Although this overlap isn’t as busy as the London/NY overlap, it still offers forex traders some exciting trading opportunities.

We’ve created a tool to help easily convert the different forex sessions into Kenyan time

Forex Session Time Converter

EUR/JPY is the best currency pair to trade during this time as the overlap heavily influences them. The AUD/JPY also sees some good moves during the Tokyo/Sydney overlap.

The London and New York Trading Sessions

The London trading session opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM Kenyan time. As the London session opens, the Asian session is just closing at the hour between 10 and 11 AM.

While day traders in Asia are making their last exits, the ones in London are looking to make their entries.

The 1-hour overlap between the London and Asian trading sessions results in considerable price movement in the Japanese Yen closes, especially the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY.

Before the London trading session comes to an end, it overlaps with the New York session for 4 straight hours. This happens between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM Kenyan time.

The London/New York overlap is usually the busiest trading time of the day. Most scalpers enjoy trading during this overlap. The markets are liquid and volatile, and a lot pips can be easily earned by a scalper with the right strategy and mindset.

Forex Trading Sessions in Kenyan Time
Trading SessionOpening TimeClosing Time
Sydney Trading Session1:00 AM9:00 AM
Tokyo Trading Session3:00 AM11:00 AM
London Trading Session11:00 AM7:00 PM
New York Trading Session4:00 PM12:00 AM
A table showing the opening and closing time of each forex trading session. All times are in local Kenyan time.

What Time Does the Forex Market Open in Kenya?

One of the other common questions we get asked about forex trading times in Kenya is, at what time does the forex market open in Kenya?

It’s important to note that the forex market remains open for 24 hours during most weekdays. Trading comes to a stop during the weekend with the closing of the New York session on Friday midnight, Kenyan time.

At What Time Does the Forex Market Open in Kenya?

The forex market opens for the weekly trading activity at 1:00 AM on Monday (Kenyan time).

The forex market opens for the weekly trading activity at 1:00 AM on Monday (Kenyan time). This is when the Sydney session is opening.

After the Sydney open, the forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It opens from Monday morning in Sydney to Friday afternoon in New York, and moves around the world as different markets open and close.

The market is always available for trading, although some assets are more liquid than others at different times of the day. The close of the Forex market on Friday is at 5 pm EST (which is 12:00 AM, Kenyan time)

Although the forex market closes on Friday at 12:00 AM, some brokers have come up with innovative products that can be traded during the weekends.

For instance, at, you can trade crypto CFDs throughout the weekend.

forex market open time kenya

Unfortunately, you and I are human and can’t keep wide awake for the whole of the 24 hours. As such, it is important to get a trading schedule. This raises the question, what is the best forex trading time in Kenya?

Here’s the answer, traders in Kenya probably have the most convenient trading hours of all. If you’re not trading the London session which opens at 11:00 am Local time, you’ll probably be trading between 4 PM and 8:00 PM when the London session and the New York Sessions overlap.

Unless you are a night owl who prefers to trade in the thick of night, the above two will be the best times to trade forex in Kenya.

Understanding the forex trade clock will go a long way in making you a successful forex trader. There are times when the market is super liquid and other times when the market is moving super slow.

So, what is the best forex trading time in Kenya?

1. The London – New York Overlap Window

best forex trading time in Kenya

The best forex trading time in Kenya is between 1600 and 2000 hours (4:00 PM and 8:00 PM local time). At 1600 hours, the London and New York trade sessions start to overlap. The overlap continues up until 2000 hours. The market is most liquid at this time. As a result, most brokers have the lowest spreads at this time.

After reviewing more than 17 reputable forex brokers, we found HotForex to have the lowest spreads between 4:00 and 8:00 P.M.

Apart from the obvious overlap of the two most active sessions, I also (personally) believe that this is the best time for most forex traders in Kenya to get some action going. The session is right at the end of the day, time for most of us to come home from other daytime hustles, grab a quick shower, and settle down to analyze the charts.

By the time the overlap is fading at 8 PM local time, we also fold our trading for the day and get ready to take a most needed shuteye.

Mostly, any market trends that were established during the European session tend to continue during this overlap window. It is therefore important to study what has been happening in the market during the last few hours before you dive in.

More information: New York Session Time in Kenya.

2. The London Session Forex Time

best time to trade forex in Kenya

The best time to trade forex in Kenya is during the London session when the most volume occurs. The reason for this is that the London session has the most liquidity, which means that there are more buyers and sellers in the market and prices are more likely to move in response to news and events.

See: London Session Forex Time in Kenya

The London Forex Session is the busiest forex trading session. The reason it is so active is because London is the financial center of the world. Many banks and financial institutions are headquartered in London, and as a result, there is a great deal of foreign exchange activity.

About 30% of all forex trade transactions happen during the London session. Major currencies see moves of 80+ pips during this session.

For more information about the London trading session, read our guide about the London Session Forex Time in Kenya.

And Depending on the time of year, the London forex trading session starts at 10:00 or 11:00 AM Kenya local time.

If you’re a full-time forex trader, the London session, which also happens to be one of the most liquid sessions, offers you ample time to trade. The session remains open until  7/8 PM. This is more than enough time for a full-time forex trader to open and close positions without keeping some ungodly hours.

Best Time to Trade EUR/USD in Kenya

best time to trade eur/usd in Kenya
EiUR/USD is most liquid between 4 PM and 8 PM Local Time

The Eur/Usd is the most traded currency in the world. It is one of the most liquid currency pairs to trade, and therefore attracts some of the lowest spreads across all forex brokers.

But what is the best time to trade eur/usd in Kenya?

We have got the answer to that. Simply read our comprehensive guide about the best time to trade EURUSD in Kenya.

The best time to trade eur/usd in Kenya is between 4:00 P.M and 8:00 P.M (local time). This 4 hour window is when the London and New York forex trading sessions overlap. There is a lot of trading activity at this time. Spreads are at their best and the market is volatility is at an all time high.

Most successful forex traders in Kenya, including scalpers and day traders prefer to trade during this overlap session. It is the best time to spot trading opportunities with great profit potential.

While it might feel productive to sit down on your computer for 12 hours trying to catch trading opportunities, trading the EUR/USD for just these few hours might prove to be the most profitable.

Best Time to Trade Synthetic Indices in Kenya

Synthetic indices are financial instruments that simulate the movement of real-world markets, such as stocks, commodities, and currencies. These instruments are available for trading 24/7, so you can technically trade them at any time.

One well-known provider of such synthetic indices is Deriv, which offers synthetic indices like Volatility Index 75, Boom and Crash indices, and others.

However, the best time to trade synthetic indices in Kenya will depend on several factors, including the specific market you’re trading, your trading strategy, and your personal schedule.

If you’re trading synthetic indices that are based on global markets, such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq, the best time to trade will likely be during the hours when those markets are open. For example, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open from 2:30 PM to 9:00 PM EAT (Eastern Africa Time), which may be a good time to trade these indices if you’re based in Kenya.

On the other hand, if you’re trading synthetic indices that are based on local markets, such as the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), the best time to trade will likely be during the hours when that market is open. The NSE is open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM EAT, which may be a good time to trade these indices if you’re based in Kenya.

See our full guide about the best time to trade synthetic indices.

Synthetic indices are a type of financial derivative. A derivative is a financial contract that gets its value from an underlying asset. In the case of synthetic indices, the underlying assets are artificial, or ‘synthetic’, indices. These are algorithmically created and their values are determined by a predefined, transparent set of rules.

Best Days of the Week to Trade Forex in Kenya

Apart from knowing the best time to trade forex in Kenya, knowing the best days to trade will also have a significant impact on how successful you become. Most action in the market happens in the middle of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

Conclusively, knowing the best days and time to trade forex in Kenya will help you manage your schedule effectively. While the forex market is open 24 hours every trading day, it doesn’t mean that you have to trade all hours. If you plan on becoming a successful forex trader in Kenya, you’ll need to have a trading plan.

Bottom Line

What's the best time to trade forex in Kenya

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Different traders have different opinions on the best time to trade forex. Some people believe that trading during the daytime is the best way to go, while others prefer to trade at night. Some traders focus on major currency pairs, while others trade a wider range of currencies. There is no one perfect answer to this question – it all depends on the individual trader and what strategies they are using.

However, there are some general tips that can help you find the best time to trade forex. One of the most important things is to pay attention to global events. For example, if there is a major news announcement coming out, you will want to avoid trading during that time. You will also want to pay attention to economic indicators, such as the GDP and CPI. If there is a major release coming out, you will want to avoid trading until after the data has been released.

Other things to consider include market volatility and your own personal schedule. If you are a day trader, you will want to trade during the most volatile times of the day. If you are a swing trader or position trader, you may want to trade during more stable times of the day. And finally, remember to always follow your own trading plan and never trade based on emotions.

Ultimately, the best time for you to trade forex will depend on which currency you intend to trade. Most trading activity for a specific currency will when the particular trading session is open. For instance, if you intend to trade AUD/JPY, the best time to trade would be when both the Sydney and Tokyo sessions are open.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forex Trading Time in Kenya?

What Time is the New York Session in Kenya?

New York Trading Session in Kenyan Time

The New York trading session is between 4:00 PM and 12:00 AM, Kenyan time (GMT+3). Trading volume is usually very high during the New York session. This makes the session one of the best trading times for forex traders in Kenya.

What is the Best Time to Trade USD/JPY in Kenya?

best time to trade USDJPY in Kenya

The best time to trade USD/JPY in Kenya is during the overlapping hours of the Tokyo and New York trading sessions. This is when the market tends to be the most active, with increased trading volumes and volatility. The Tokyo trading session starts at 11:00 PM EAT and ends at 8:00 AM EAT, while the New York trading session starts at 2:00 PM EAT and ends at 11:00 PM EAT. Therefore, the overlap occurs between 2:00 PM EAT and 8:00 AM EAT.

During this time, traders may have the opportunity to catch larger price movements and potentially make more profitable trades. However, it’s important to keep in mind that increased volatility can also lead to higher risks, so it’s important to use proper risk management strategies to protect your trading account.

It’s also worth noting that economic events and news releases can significantly impact the USD/JPY exchange rate. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the economic calendars for both the US and Japan, and adjust your trading strategy accordingly.

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