Our Forex Training Course will show you step by step everything you need to know to be successful in forex trading.

Why Do So Many Smart People Fail To Make Money Trading Forex?

Discover what nobody told you before…We offer the best forex training course in Kenya to help you identify and resolve whatever issues are holding you back right now.

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There comes a time when you must decide that you have had enough. Enough of the rat race. Enough of a stingy employer. Enough of working from 8-5 for negligible pay.

You’ve probably reached that point. Maybe that’s why you are thinking of venturing into online forex trading.

It’s a good choice you’ve made, but for one thing…

Up to 90% of self-taught forex traders do not make it in this industry. To be really exceptional, you need someone to hold your hand and take you through the loops and crannies of investing in online forex.

That’s why I started this website. I’d like to help you actualize your dreams.

The only question is, are you ready to be helped?

best forex training course in Kenya

Our Prices

We guarantee that you will become a successful forex trader, or we will refund 100% of your money.


Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.

Profitable Trading Strategies

I’ll show you the same trading strategy that I use to make more than 20% monthly returns on investment.

Risk Management

90% of traders lose money, not because they don’t know how to trade, but because they use poor risk management strategies. I’ll show you how to be really exceptional.

Market Psychology

When do you take profits? When do you let your trades run? I’ll teach you how to read the market psychology in order to maximize profits and reduce losses

My name is Patrick Mahinge, and I am the guy behind this awesome website. My story is long and interesting, but I will save that for when we meet.

You can also experience this awesomeness, and become a bigger deal than I am… but you will need a lot of dedication and commitment. You will need to learn more diligently than you did when you were in college, and that my friends, is why I started this website.

Patrick Mahinge - Online Forex Trading in Kenya
Patrick Mahinge
Forex Trader & Mentor
successful forex traders in kenya

Before I show you how you can start investing in online forex trading, allow me to first of all show you why this is the best place to put your money.

Investing in online forex trading is the real definition of having your money work for you.  The forex market is incredible, and if you have not yet made up your mind about investing in the online forex market, there was never a better time than this.

Trading Forex is Cool

For starters, the forex market is the largest financial market in the world with a daily turnover of around $4 trillion. With such a vast amount of money traded daily, it becomes increasingly easy for you to make a tidy sum of profit each trading day.
If you’ve tried to invest in stocks (especially on the Nairobi Stock Exchange), you know how cumbersome the whole process of opening a CDS account, buying and selling shares can be. You’ve to make a call to your broker ever time you want to buy or sell stocks. Online forex trading does not have this cumbersome process. You open an account with your favored broker, deposit funds into the account, and you are on your way to profs. You can do all this without ever having to leave your house.
You can start trading online forex with as low as 5000 Kes!
Yes, that’s not an exaggeration. Some forex brokers will even give you a little boost on your account. With such low intial capital, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in the forex market.
Remember my explanation of how you can start trading forex with ridiculously low amounts of money? That is because of leverage; an exclusive characteristic of the forex market that allows you to control huge amounts of money with very little deposited capital. Some brokers offer leverage as high as 1:1000 meaning that with a deposit of 100 USD, you can control trades worth 100,000 USD!
There are many more incredible reasons why you should invest in forex. Did you, for instance, know that there are more free stuff to help you become a better forex trader? An example is this website and my 7-day free crash course on forex investing. Plus all forex brokers available online offer demo accounts that you can use to practice what you’ve been reading.

Trusted by more than 10,000 clients

I have served more than 10,000 clients in one way or another. And they all trust me. Book an appointment with me to

experience the difference.

the most complete forex training course in kenya

dedicated to your success

We offer the best forex training course in Kenya to help you identify and resolve whatever issues are holding you back right now.

Our Goals

Our goal is to help you learn how to trade the forex market using strategies that the most successful forex traders use. We achieve this by sweeping away all the clutter and hype that is rife in the forex trading industry and instead provide you with winning forex trading strategies that will ensure that you are profitable over the long term.

Our experience

More than 7 years of actively trading the forex market and providing training has taught us to anticipate anything. Do you think forex is too hard for you? Trust us, we have dwelt with people who didn’t think they could make it. They are in fact our highest earners. Let us teach you time-tested fundamental and technical trading strategies that really work.

Capital Management

We are working on the necessary registrations that will allow us to trade forex on your behalf. Under this new provision, Kenya Forex Firm will manage your capital and share in the profits generated on your capital. We are already pilot-testing the system with a few of our esteemed customers, and we will be rolling out the project to every interested investor soon.

best forex course in Nairobi


Only 10% of self-taught forex traders make money in the online forex market. The other 90% go bankrupt in less than 6 months. To be successful in forex trading, you need someone like me to train you.


90% of traders who find someone to mentor them become successful forex traders. Finding someone to mentor you is the number one factor that will determine under which statistics you’ll fall.

The most affordable price

Learn how to trade forex with our one-on-one forex mentorship program


LEARN TO TRADE With The Best Forex training course

Congratulations on your decision to start your career as a professional Forex trader! You are entering a field of high competition, where everyone has equal chances for success! Proper education is the key to success in this market.
We are proud to present you with a unique Forex trading course that will turn you to profitable trader. If you are tired of being tricked by market price action and indicators then this is the right place for you.

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Interactive Forex Trade Training Course

There's no other forex training course in Kenya that offers the level of interactivity than we do.

Getting the right education is a very important step in becoming a successful forex trader in Kenya.

At Kenya Forex Firm, we give you unlimited access to our expert trading techniques through an interactive one-on-one forex trading course.

We have designed a unique approach to learning the foreign exchange currency market, and we know and trust that our training will set you on the path to becoming a better forex trader.

Our live training consists of 5 days of one-one-one forex trade training, during which time, we will hammer down our successful forex trading strategy.

The training, however, does not end after the 5 days are over. We continue to support you over the next 30 days, and guarantee your money back if you do not become a successful forex trader after 60 days.

It is our goal to provide clients with superior forex trading education. When you sign up for our training, you receive interactive education lessons, live forex training, and on-going forex trading materials, and so much more at no additional cost.

Additional Forex Trading Materials

We give you more value for your money.

Apart from our thorough forex trade training sessions, we also provide new traders with new materials including a full-video course on trading, a beginner-friendly library of books and much more.

What are you waiting for? Join our forex trading course and experience so much more.


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Not sure whether this forex training course is for you? Book an appointment with us. To weed out jokers, we have an appointment fee that is capped at $15 per hour.


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If you really want to be successful in forex trading in a way that will bring a smile to your face, then this forex training course is definitely for YOU! 

Apply for training now.

best forex training course in Nairobi

How Much Do You Charge?

We currently charge 25,000/= for the full forex training course. But this price might go up as the demand for our services grow. Make the right choice today by signing up for the best forex training course in Kenya.

Support After Forex Training

Mentorhsip and support are crucial for any new trader.

Every person who takes our one-on-one forex training course in Kenya is entitled to free telephone, email and IM chat support for up to 30 days after completion of the course.

If you have a question that you feel needs to be answered, simply call us or write to us via email, Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp. We are always happy to help, and we are devoted to your success as a trader.

Additionally, we take the initiative to email all students of any new developments in the forex market that we think may affect their trading.

We will send you updates about the forex trading strategies that you learned during our forex training course.

If we come across any strategies or forex trading systems that are performing better than what we already taught you, we will give you full access to these updates for free.

The communication remains valid for up to 6 months after you have taken our forex trade training course.

Also, all our students have the option to schedule a one-on-one session with any of our forex trainers at a reduced cost.

Instead of the 3500/= we normally charge, you will be able to hold a one-hour session for only 1,999/=.

We are also investigating the possibility of organizing regular forex trade seminars and workshops in Nairobi, where students can participate, ask questions and get answers from other expert forex traders in Kenya.

We are also in the process of creating a restricted area for our students where the trainers can publish refinement notes and updates about the forex trading system that has been taught to our students.

Lastly, we would like to mention that all our plans and strategies to make our training the best in the country are made possible because of you. Without you, we couldn’t do it. Thanks for placing your trust on us.

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The Path to Success Shouldn't be Traveled Alone

At Kenya Forex Firm we believe there has never been a better opportunity than now to start working towards your goal of financial freedom. Unfortunately online trading can be lonely, but trading in complete isolation is extremely difficult, and something we strongly discourage.


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If you want your forex trading business to provide a reliable and respectable income, build wealth and give you freedom and financial security, then I invite you to consider our forex training packages.

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Do You Want More Confidence In Your Trading?

Confidence In Your System

Are you having trouble pulling the trigger? Are you afraid that your FOREX TRADING system will let you down? Do you find yourself second-guessing your trading system after a handful of losing trades?

The Right Knowledge Is The Key To Success Or Failure. Sometimes That Knowledge Can Be Hard To Find Or Intentionally Kept Secret. Let Me Show You Something That I Believe Is The Information You Need…. Sign up for my Free “Day Traders Secrets” Mini Course and get a head start in the world of trading today!

objectives of The course

Life is too short to just live with stress, poor results, and taking forever to get where you want to be.

The good news is that you don’t have to.

Good, consistent and profitable trading does NOT have to be difficult or complicated.

It all depends on how you approach the matter.

One of the great things about being a trader is that you CAN have control over your destiny, IF you get yourself the right training and tools.

You didn’t arrive here by accident, there was a reason.

If you have the desire to become a self-sufficient, truly independent trader, I can help you to make it a reality.

I’m here to help you realize your goals through trading, so feel free to take advantage of the resources here.

how to get started with forex trading

So, what exactly is online forex trading, and why should you even be interested?

Forex trading in its basic definition is the exchange of a currency for another. You might have seen the Kenya shilling compared to the American dollar. As I write this, the dollar is at around Kshs 95.

Imagine that you wanted to travel to see cousin Barrack Obama in the states. You’d need to exchange your Kenyan money for American dollars (bucks).

On arrival at the JFK, you find a forex bureau that is so good as to give you $1 for every of 95 Kenya shillings. If you had 100,000/=, you’d get $1053 from the forex bureau.

A few weeks later, after you’ve seen Potus and spent time with Michelle and Malia, you decide it is time to go back home…

But you won’t be needing the dollars back at home. You decide to exchange the American Currency for Kes. You enter the same booth you had entered last time… but ‘things’ have been happening back at home, and 1 USD is now worth 105.00 Kes. If you still have the 1052 USD from last time, you’d receive 110,460 KES from the beautiful lady at the bureau’s counter.

You just made 10,460/= without raising a single finger to work!

That, my friend, is the forex trading at its most basic.

Of course there is much more involved in investing in online forex trading, which is why this website exists.

We for instance won’t be needing the beautiful lady at the forex bureau. Neither will we be leaving the country (nor the couch.) We will be learning and trading online!

Still interested?

Read on to find how I can help you become a successful forex trader in Kenya, quit your job and live the kind of life that you’ve always desired.
Kenya Forex Firm was created as a place where aspiring forex traders in Kenya could actualize their dreams of becoming financially stable and successful.

We understand the need for all of us to become rich, to actualize our dreams and give our families the kind of lifestyle that they deserve, but is it really possible to become rich when trading forex?

Can you quit your daytime job to concentrate purely on forex trading?

From a personal perspective, trading the online forex market with the goal to become rich is the wrong approach. Granted that you can become rich trading the online forex market, but getting into the industry with the sole aim of becoming rich is a sure recipe for losses. You will make a lot of mistakes trying to become rich as quickly as you can.

The key to becoming rich in forex trading is to master and muster the psychology of trading.

You’ll need to set aside the notions and plans you have so that you can competitively take what the market has to offer.

Learning a forex trading system or strategy is not hard at all. The real difficulty lies in mastering the patience and the ability to react appropriately, without emotion interfering with your judgement.

Here is a simple strategy to gain wealth trading forex. Start with a $200 account. Trade with a mini account. Make sure that you win more than you lose, build onto this balance, and add more as you go along.

However, my ultimate advice is to learn how to trade on a demo account before moving onto a live account. Make sure that you only open a demo account with an actual amount that you would open a live account with. Making the switch from a demo to a live account with larger amounts is hard for new traders since you are no longer playing with virtual money, but putting your hard earned cash at risk.

Risk Management

Mastering risk management is a key ingredient to becoming a successful forex trader.

If you want to become rich trading the forex market, you must know how to manage your risks. In fact, I’d recommend that your whole forex trading strategy be built around learning how to manage risks. You’ll have to live it, breath it, dream it, and internalize it.

Part of our responsibility as the premier forex trading and training company in Kenya is to help our clients make the best decisions concerning every specter of their financial lives.

A few days ago, we got an interesting question from one of our clients (I’ll call him John.) Here is John’s exact question:

“I know that taking a loan to invest in forex trading sounds crazy, but I have been able to make money in the forex market. I have tripled most of the demo accounts that I have opened, and recently, I was able to take a live $100 account to $500 within two weeks. I know that I could make more money if I just had the right capital to invest in the forex market. Can I borrow money to invest in forex.”

You have probably found yourself at the same exact spot, or you will find yourself battling the same decision. Is it feasible to borrow money to invest in online forex trading?

Our simple answer to John’s question.

No. You should never borrow money to invest in online currency trading.

The thing that John should keep in mind is that trading on a demo account is very different from the real thing. Trading on a demo account does not have any emotional attachment. It is not your money, and the loses you suffer do not affect you in any way. Now, think about what would happen if you were to lose 500,000/= of a bank loan?

It would probably drive you crazy. You’d make more dangerous trades trying to cover your loses. You will start trading from emotions, and therein lies the problem.

Even if you didn’t lose all your money, you’d probably spend awake nights, watching the charts and quietly praying that the markets go your way. That is not what I call financial freedom. It is more like financial slavery.

The money that I would recommend you invest in forex trading is money that you can afford to lose. Don’t use your children’s school fees and do not use your landlord’s rent. Start with a small account. If you can start with 50K and double the money every month, you’ll be good to go. If you started with 50K, doubled the money every month and reinvested the profits, you’d have an account with more than Ksh 2M after only 12 months. Think about that.

If you really must hit the ground running and you want to start your account big, consider selling some of the luxury items that you have. A car comes into mind.

Can I Ever, Ever Borrow to Trade Forex?

Note that I do not recommend you apply this strategy if you are new to trading… but yes, if you know what you are doing, borrowing to invest in forex makes sense. Banks do it all the time. But you will have to have your own portion to trade with. Trade on your portion only. If you lose your portion, withdraw the borrowed money out of the account and don’t trade again. Borrowing to pimp your account is a good move as it reduces your reliance on leverage. Again, note that I do not recommend you do this if you are new to trading.

Forex trading is simple. However, it can be extremely frustrating and risky if you go straight ahead without proper guidance. Statistics show that up to 90% of self-taught forex traders give up after 1 month of trading.

70% of those traders who give up say that it is extremely hard to use the strategies taught in PDF books and forex websites. 20% of them have trouble building a forex trading system that actually works.

The big difference between guys who become successful in forex trading and those who burn their accounts in less than one month is the approach taken by each group. Imagine these two traders:

  1. Trader A has 100K that he has decided is a good starting capital for his forex trading career. However, he divides the 100K twice so that he has 30K set aside for training while the 70K will be his actual trading capital. After he’s gone through my training and started trading, the trader has recovered 100% of his capital and is on the way to making impressive profits throughout his trading career.
  2. Trader B also has 100K that he has decided will be his starting capital. However, for whichever reason, the trader decides that he does not need to learn anything about investing in forex. After one month, he has suffered massive losses and all his invested income is gone. At this point, trader B has two options. Either work out his ass get 100K again, invest the whole lot and suffer losses or take the route that trader A took.

The beauty of life is that it will always supply you with an opportunity to make a choice. Actually, whatever your experiences in life are, they are a result of the choices that you make in life.

I am also giving you the chance to make your choice. You can choose to go the way of trader B, but keep in mind that trial and error is the most expensive way to learn how to trade forex.

If you choose to go the way of Trader B, you don’t need to read the rest of this page. You can happily close it and proceed to open a trading account with your favorite forex trader. I won’t be offended.

If you are as wise as Trader A, kindly read on…

What I am offering you is a trading strategy so profitable that you will forget about being broke once and for all.

I have seen average guys change the course of their lives after only 6 months. Although I charge for the training, I have a money back guarantee. If you are not profitable after 6 months of trading using my strategy, I will refund 100% of your money and give you an extra $500 for wasting your time.

students say...

Patrick Mahinge's forex training course is really awesome. I have been struggling with forex for the past one year, but things became crystal clear the moment I decided to trust Patrick. The 25K I paid was the best 25K I have ever used in my life.
Jake Mannheim
Forget about all the other online forex courses. Patrick Mahinge has the real deal. The course is straight-forward, and this Patrick is really helpful and respectful. Good course Patrick.
Jenna Dawson

Best Performance training

Our teaching approach is different from what you might be used to. You will not be watching hours of videos and reading hundreds of pages of manuals. You will be learning how market works real time. It is all about you and the market.

Successful trading is the simpliest and the hardest skill to master. All forex traders in Kenya want to join the 5% CLUB, but not everyone will because they don’t have successful trader mindset and proper education.  We can get you on the right path, however this will require some effort from you too.  If you are ready to work towards your success then we will be happy to see you on our team.

During the forex training course you get the method, homework and private mentoring. While you learn you will only trade demo.

However, it is not only about the method. There will be other important issues covered during the learning process such as: trading psychology, trade management and others.

If you are an experienced trader you will be able to utilize some of the strategies right away and be able to profit almost immediately.   Let us know where you are in trading and we will be able to get you on a different level.

Guaranteed Success and Profits

Many people frown upon a system, organization or forex training course that guarantees success in online forex trading.

As the leading forex trade and training company in Kenya, we should be in the forefront of those who criticize such a claim. Our objective would be to make you part with your hard-earned cash. But we do not do this.

Popular statistics show that 90% of new forex traders lose their invested capital and end up unsuccessful. Statistics from forex brokers try to paint a more positive , but still bleak, picture. They will tell you that only 25-30% of new forex traders are successful.

The above statistics are true, and they should be taken seriously. They should be a warning to any hopeful and starry-eyed beginner forex trader that believes that s/he will have an edge on the forex market. You are not very different from the 90% of the traders who burn their accounts in less than one month of trading.

If you are going to approach online forex trading like the normal person does, with no training or mentoring, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. There are potholes and booby traps ahead. Without experience or someone to hold your hand and lead your path, you will fall into many of these obstacles.

It costs money and time to become a medical doctor, an accountant or an engineer. It takes a similar, if not larger, cost to become a successful forex trader. It intrigues me how you would spend hundreds of thousands learning how to become an accountant (something that pays less), but you shy away from spending a few thousand shillings to become a successful forex trader.

Of course there is an easier way of learning how to trade forex, and that is by taking the normal route. You will learn through experience, but you will end up losing more money, with little chance of success, than it would take you to sign up for the best forex training course.

At Kenya Forex Firm, our goal is to take you through the shorter route to becoming a successful forex trader in Kenya. Our path is not only shorter but also less costly and less painful.

Our Approach to Making You a Successful Forex Trader in Kenya

Now that I have your attention, or maybe I have you thinking twice about the approach that you’d rather take while learning how to trade online forex in Kenya, allow me to give you our side of the story and how we can make you a successful forex trader.

I do not exaggerate when I say that there are thousands of successful forex traders in the world, and probably a few hundred successful ones in Kenya. Many of these traders have become the youngest millionaires through online forex trading. There is no boundary or limit to how much money you can make trading forex.

Being a successful forex trader has a lot of other extremely attractive benefits than simply making money. It, for instance, affords you the opportunity to work from home, spend more time with your family, indulge in your hobbies, and give yourself off-days whenever you feel like it.

Forex trading just takes a few hours of your time per day, leaving you the rest of the hours to use as you please.

Other forex traders simply love trading and love spending time with their charts, but as you can see, learning how to trade online forex has a lot of benefits attached to it.

So, do we offer a guarantee that you will become a successful forex trader when you join our training?

Yes. If were not sure that you will become a successful forex trader after taking our training, we would not give you a guarantee. But the formula of success in online forex trading has been proven, and it is available to you.

There is a learning curve and there might be a few bad trades in the beginning, but at the end, if you consistently apply our concepts, we can guarantee that you will become a successful forex trader. We have trained a few traders in Kenya, and they are already pocketing six-figure profits from the forex market.

We guarantee that you will become a successful forex trader, or we will refund 100% of your money. Here are the rules to our guarantee:

    1. The guarantee is available for 60 days from the date that the student finishes our one-on-one forex training course.

    1. To claim their refund, the student must bring evidence that s/he has been implementing the lessons and strategies that we teach in our course

    1. The student must have implemented the trading strategy taught for at least 4 weeks before claiming a refund

  1. Results of the trades that the student has taken should be based on the H1 and H4 time frames as taught in the course.

We are the only forex trade and training company in Kenya that offers a 60-days money-back guarantee to its students.