Forex Trading in Kenya Using Mpesa- Best Brokers for Mpesa

best forex brokers that accept Mpesa in Tanzania

Forex trading in Kenya using Mpesa is becoming popular by the day. In this article, I am going to review the best forex brokers with Mpesa. In most cases, you’ll find that these brokers also accept Mpesa in Tanzania and Uganda too. As you will ultimately learn, one of the key determinants on how successful … Read more

FXPesa Review – Is FXPesa A Legit Forex Broker

Is FXpesa legit?

Reader Rating9 Votes4.5RatingChoose Account TypeLive AccountDemo AccountLooking for honest Fx Pesa reviews? You came to the very right place. At Kenya Forex Firm, we are dedicated to honestly reviewing all forex brokers that operate in Kenya. There are numerous Forex brokers available to traders in Kenya, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. In order … Read more

The Complete Binary Options Trading Guide in Kenya

Apart from online forex trading, binary options trading is the other investment option that is turning young Kenyans into millionaires. And quite fortunately, trading binary options isn’t as complicated as forex trading. In fact, all you need to start trading options is a smartphone that’s connected to the internet. If you already have a smartphone … Read more

5 Incredible Tips That You Must Master to Be Successful in Forex Trading in Kenya

There are two type of investors in the forex market. Those who learn all there is to learn about the market, and those who approach forex trading as if it was a gamble. They do not take their time to learn. To them, investing in forex is not so much unlike spinning the roulette. They … Read more

Top 10 Forex Trading Mistakes That Can Wipe Your Account in Less Than 3 Seconds

Your trading sucks. Or you are afraid of investing in forex trading because you are afraid of wiping out your account. Imagine depositing $100, $200, $500 or whichever capital you have set aside as forex investment only to receive a margin call after only a few trades… You would probably walk away and spend the … Read more

3 Pillars of a Highly Refined and Disciplined Trading Strategy

“Discipline” can mean many different things. It comes from the latin word disciplina, which means “teaching, learning”. However, its meaning has evolved over time to its current definition of self-control and adherence to rules or order. An example of this would be obeying traffic laws while driving on a highway. These rules are set by … Read more

How to Make Money Through Forex Trading in Kenya

How to Make Money Through Forex Trading in Kenya

One of the best ways to make money in Kenya is through online forex trading, and it doesn’t matter where you’re located. As long as you have some capital to invest in the forex market, you can begin making a profit right away. Making money through Forex trading in Kenya is not as difficult as … Read more