Online Forex Trading in Kenya-Training and Mentorship


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Made in Kenya

We offer localized forex trade training. We know the exact challenges that Kenyan traders face. Let us take you through the every hoop right from opening your account, adding funds and withdrawing your profits.

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Forex Training

We make our money trading the markets, not teaching beginners how to trade. Why should you pay 40K to learn forex trading? That sum should be your initial deposit, not what you pay for training.

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24/7 Support

We guarantee you full time support via phone and Skype and other IM platforms. We understand that FX decisions need to be made in a snap. Call us when you are in doubt. We are always happy to help 🙂

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FX does not need to be complicated

You are probably on this page because you are looking for information on how to trade forex in Kenya.

You’ve probably been in touch with those other guys who charge over 40K for forex training. They make forex trading sound complicated and hard to venture into.

At Kenya Forex Firm, we have a simple philosophy.

We make our money from trading the markets, not teaching beginners how to trade.

Please note that not everyone can be a successful forex trader and I am not the kind of guy who will sell you a training if I am convinced you cannot make it in FX.

Unlike many other forex trainers in Kenya, I make most of my money from trading the market, not from offering training. The free membership at Kenya Forex Firm is by itself enough to turn you into a mid-level successful trader. However, for more indepth learning, I recommend that you upgrade your membership to a paid one.

And lastly, I don’t promise to turn you into an overnight millionaire, but I will share with you the tips, tweaks and secrets that you need to survive in the highly volatile forex trading market.

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