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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, my Forex Trading Course is an excellent way to accelerate your success.

Learn how to instantly spot good entries in the forex market

Learn how to maximize the profitability of each trade

Learn how to trade without conflicting indicators

Learn psychological traps specific to you and how to avoid them… and much more

What You Get For Your Money

The Training You Want

5-days of personalized One-on-One training in one of our preferred locations around the country.  There is simply no substitute for one-on-one forex trade training with an expert.

The Support You Need

One full year of phone, IM, Zoom, and email mentoring support after your 5-days of One-on-One training to ensure your success.

The flexibility you’re looking for

Although primarily for forex trading the popular Kenya Forex Firm Trading Course has techniques that will work on financial markets, in any time frame.

The education that suits your needs

For new traders through experienced traders… your training will be customized to your skills and requirements.

Truly Practical Forex Trade Training

We don’t just give you a software program or a book and send you on your way.  We teach you how to trade, then help you get real online hands-on experience before you trade with real money, so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.

We also teach you trading psychology, which is actually just as important as the techniques. At the end of the training, you’ll have a 3-step plan to start the following Monday to finish up your training at home. You’ll know exactly what to do. No ambiguity, no guesswork.

Learn the forex trading entries that have high probability and low initial risk.

Learn trade management techniques.  How to place your initial protective stop, shedding techniques, how to correctly trail your stop, and of course, exiting techniques.

You’ll learn everything I’ve ever found that forex traders do to psychologically sabotage themselves, and how to avoid these common traps.

You’ll learn how to trade with less stress and with more personal fulfillment. You’ll learn why it’s essential to not “try” to find entries…to just wait and let them simply come to you.

Stop Worrying About Tomorrow And Start Making Your Money Work For You Today!

No matter what your background or experience is, my forex trading training course can help you achieve success.

Even if you have never invested or looked at a chart before and have little money to invest.

It doesn’t matter how much (or how little) you know about forex trading. We’ll start from where you are right now.

From beginners to highly experienced traders, I offer the training you need to be a successful forex trader. We’ll work together every step of the way. One-on-one means the course is tailored to YOU and YOUR specific needs.

Once completed, you will feel in control of your investments and your ability to maximize your income.

What Our Students Say About Us…

best forex trading training academy in Kenya

After struggling for years to understand how to trade and letting other people lose my money, I finally feel like something is clicking.

Lakshmi Patel

best forex school in Kenya

I’m new to the world of online forex trading, so this is like learning a new language to me, but the way that Patrick describes it makes it very simple to grasp

James Korir

schools that teach forex trading in Kenya

Patrick Mahinge was the answer to many prayers. Now I believe I can dig out of debt and be prepared for retirement in another 6 years!

James Obuya

forex trading course in Kenya 2023

Kenya Forex Firm presents its forex training material in a very logical, concise way and explained in a way that the average person can understand. I truly like these guys and look forward to learning more from them.

Cindy Wamaitha