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One-to-One Mentoring

As opposed to the weekly webinars, the one to one mentoring is a lot more in-depth and tailored to each individual student. It entails a strong commitment from the prospective student and an initial conversation as I do not take everyone on; only if we get along and I think I can really help you.

My main focus is to work with students to develop their understandings of ‘why’ and ‘how’ markets move in order to develop a system(s) that fits them and their personality. Some students might end up trading in a similar fashion to me but that is really not the objective, the real goal is for traders to have setups and rules that they can trust, not only because they have helped draft them and tested them fully but especially, because they are tailored to them and their specific situations.

As with most things in life, good and clear communication is at the heart of every successful relationship and that is why it is important to stress that I do not offer any get rich quick schemes. Forex trading is hard, really hard and it is a constant battle with yourself to stick to you plan, follow the rules and control your emotions. What I can offer is the perspective of a self-taught trader that has made the step to make this his full-time profession and attempt to guide you as to what I feel is important in order to make it in this field: having realistic expectations, treating trading as a business, understanding market psychology / dynamics and having a clear plan…

Should you be interested in mentoring, then why don’t you tell me a little bit more about yourself. Depending on the trader, I would tend to have a different approach. Are you trading full time, looking to trade full time, what are your goals, your strengths/weaknesses, setups/rules, etc… anything to help me get a better feeling for where you are at, what you are looking for and your expectations.

Weekly Webinars / Learning Group (Monthly Subscription)*:

Most traders fail because they never put themselves in a position to succeed and that is what we tackle. These webinars provide a ‘real & live’ learning experience, offering participants an insight into how a professional retail trader views markets in terms of market psychology, price action, odds and set-ups, highlighting how to learn to construct a framework for building a clear understanding of market dynamics and context within which to operate. This is not a signal service per se but naturally, we look at both sides of the markets, current/future setups and how to engage in a responsible manner. The experience revolves around 4 live webinar sessions and is backed-up by supporting charts throughout the week (open access on the blog for now). Sessions are held:

  • Monday through Thursday from 08:45 to 10:00 AM GMT+3 and are recorded/archived for active subscribers to access sessions held whilst signed-up.

Once you have created your automatic payment profile on PayPal, the email you provide will be used to email you details on how to access the sessions. Please Note: I can only guarantee that your account will be setup and ready for use within 24 hours from you signing up.

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What is Forex Trading and How Does The Forex Market Work?

Hey guys,

I would like to welcome you to my website. Kenya Forex Firm is the best place to get all answers to any questions regarding online forex trading.

So, what exactly is online forex trading, and why should you even be interested?

Forex trading in its basic definition is the exchange of a currency for another. You might have seen the Kenya shilling compared to the American dollar. As I write this, the dollar is at around Kshs 95.

Imagine that you wanted to travel to see cousin Barrack Obama in the states. You’d need to exchange your Kenyan money for American dollars (bucks). On arrival at the JFK, you find a forex bureau that is so good as to give you $1 for every of 95 Kenya shillings. If you had 100,000/=, you’d get $1053 from the forex bureau.

A few weeks later, after you’ve seen Potus and spent time with Michelle and Malia, you decide it is time to go back home…

But you won’t be needing the dollars back at home. You decide to exchange the American Currency for Kes. You enter the same booth you had entered last time… but ‘things’ have been happening back at home, and 1 USD is now worth 105.00 Kes. If you still have the 1052 USD from last time, you’d receive 110,460 KES from the beautiful lady at the bureau’s counter.

You just made 10,460/= without raising a single finger to work! That, my friend, is the forex trading at its most basic.

Of course there is much more involved in investing in forex trading, which is why this website exists. We for instance won’t be needing the beautiful lady at the forex bureau. Neither will we be leaving the country (nor the couch.) We will be learning and trading online!

Still interested? Read on to find how I can help you become a profitable forex trader, quit your job and live the kind of life that you’ve always desired.

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