Is Pocket Option Legit in Kenya?

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is Pocket Option Legit in Kenya

If you’re on the hunt for a comprehensive and honest review of Pocket Option, especially tailored for the vibrant trading community in Kenya, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. 

As a seasoned finance writer and trader, I’ve delved deep into the world of online trading platforms to bring you insights that matter. 

Today, we’re zeroing in on Pocket Option, a platform that’s been buzzing with questions from traders like you.

  • Is Pocket Option legit in Kenya?
  • Does it work seamlessly for Kenyan traders?
  • And perhaps one of the most asked questions: Does Pocket Option accept Mpesa for deposits and withdrawals? 

In this detailed review, we’ll tackle these questions head-on, providing you with the clarity you need to make informed trading decisions.

Pocket Option Legitimacy & Regulation In Kenya

Is Pocket Option Legit in Kenya

When it comes to online trading, the first question that pops into your mind is likely about legitimacy and regulation. It’s a wild wild world out there, and you want to ensure that your hard-earned money is in safe hands. So, let’s address the elephant in the room: Is Pocket Option legit in Kenya?

Yes. Pocket Option is a legit online trading platform. Launched in 2017, the company has built a reputation for providing services worldwide, including in Kenya. Many binary options traders in Kenya and beyond have chosen to work with Pocket Option, drawn by its attractive trading conditions and the variety of assets available for trading.


However, it is important to note that, while Pocket Option is completely legit, it does not hold a license from the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya. Instead, the platform is regulated by the Mwali International Service Authority (MISA) with license number T2023322.

Importance of Trading with Regulated Online Platforms in Kenya

Regulation is the bedrock of trust in the world of online trading. When a platform is regulated, it means that it has been scrutinized and approved by a governing financial authority. These authorities set standards that protect you, the trader, from potential fraud, manipulation, and unethical practices.

Why Regulation Should Be Non-Negotiable

  • Protection of Funds: Regulated platforms are required to keep client funds in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s operating funds. This means that your money is protected in the event that the broker faces financial difficulties.
  • Fair Play: A regulated platform is obligated to offer fair market prices and execution of trades. This ensures that you’re not at the mercy of skewed pricing or delayed execution that could impact your trading outcomes.
  • Dispute Resolution: Should a dispute arise, you have the assurance that there is a formal process in place to address your concerns. Regulated platforms are accountable to the authorities, and this provides a channel for redress.
  • Transparency: Regulated brokers are required to provide clear and accurate information about their services, fees, and the risks associated with trading. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions.

Before you commit to a trading platform, take the time to verify its regulatory status.

Here’s how you can do that:

Pros and Cons of Using Pocket Option in Kenya

Is Pocket Option regulated in Kenya

Pros of Using Pocket Option

Acceptance of Mpesa for Transactions

One of the most significant advantages for Kenyan traders is Pocket Option's acceptance of Mpesa for deposits and withdrawals. This feature makes financial transactions convenient and accessible, allowing you to manage your trading funds with ease.

User-Friendly Platform

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, you'll find Pocket Option's platform intuitive and easy to navigate. The availability of a mobile app also means you can trade on the go, ensuring you never miss out on potential opportunities.

Wide Range of Trading Assets

Pocket Option offers an extensive selection of trading assets, including forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. This diversity allows you to spread your investments and potentially reduce risk by not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Demo Account Availability

For those new to trading or looking to test strategies without financial risk, Pocket Option provides a demo account. This feature is invaluable for gaining experience and confidence before trading with real money.

High Potential Returns

Binary options trading on Pocket Option can offer high returns on investment, sometimes up to 90% or more on successful trades. This high reward potential is attractive to traders looking to maximize their earnings.

Cons of Using Pocket Option in Kenya

Regulatory Concerns

While Pocket Option is regulated by the Mwali International Services Authority, it's worth noting that this is not as widely recognized as other regulatory bodies like the CySEC or FCA. Traders should exercise due diligence and understand the regulatory environment before committing.

Risk of Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading inherently carries a high level of risk. It's possible to lose your entire investment on a trade if the market moves against you. This form of trading requires caution and a well-thought-out risk management strategy.

Limited Educational Resources

Compared to some other platforms, Pocket Option's educational resources for traders might seem limited. Especially for beginners, a more comprehensive suite of learning materials could be beneficial for mastering trading strategies and market analysis.

Potential for Addiction

The simplicity and high-speed nature of binary options trading can be addictive. It's important for traders to maintain discipline, set limits, and not let emotions drive trading decisions.

Does Pocket Option Accept Mpesa?

Now, that we have established the legitimacy of Pocket Option and its operational framework in Kenya, let’s address one of the most crucial aspects that directly impacts your trading experience: payment methods.

Specifically, you’re probably wondering, “Does Pocket Option accept Mpesa?” It’s a question that resonates with the heartbeat of Kenya’s financial ecosystem, considering how Mpesa has revolutionized mobile money and payments within the country.

So, Does Pocket Option Accept M-Pesa?

The answer is a resounding yes! Pocket Option accepts Mpesa, allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals with this beloved mobile money service. This is a significant milestone for the needs of Kenyan traders, ensuring that you can move funds into and out of your trading account with the same ease as buying groceries or topping up your mobile data.

Mpesa isn’t just another payment option; it’s a lifeline for financial transactions in Kenya. Its integration into Pocket Option’s payment system demonstrates a tailored approach to accommodate the preferences of Kenyan traders.

What is the Best Time to Trade on Pocket Option?

The best time to trade on Pocket Option, or any binary options platform, is when the market is most active, as this is when you can expect higher liquidity and volatility, leading to more significant opportunities for price movements that can be capitalized on.

The best times to trade are usually when there is an overlap between sessions. For example, when the London session is winding down and the New York session is kicking off, you’ll often see increased volatility and trading volume. This can be a golden opportunity for you to capitalize on significant market movements.

Another critical factor to consider is the timing of news releases and economic data. These events can cause substantial market movements, creating potential trading opportunities on Pocket Option. 

Keep an eye on the economic calendar and be ready to act when high-impact data is released. Just remember, with increased opportunity comes increased risk, so make sure you’ve got your risk management strategies in place.

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